Private Treaty Bull Sale

For a look at the bulls’ pedigrees, visit the American Angus Association’s website and search by registration numbers

Welcome! We appreciate you taking the time to visit and see what our program is all about.

This is our 14th year in the bull sale business – and it’s been an exciting adventure. Our offering this year includes sons of Crook MT Range 7949, Crook MT Black Train 6942, Crook MT Hero 116, Crook MT Stretch 66, Crook MT Cedar 7912, Frei Stretch 704 and Crook Mt Right Time 35. We’re really impressed with the bulls these guys have produced.

The bulls were born in March and April, 2019 and were weaned in late September. They are currently being fed a high-roughage ration – preparing them for breeding season without adding excess weight that may cause injury later. The bulls get a high quality mineral formulated by High Plains Nutrition.

Calving ease, fertility, adaptability, and docility are the basis for our cattle herd. We’ll be honest – we prefer to sleep through calving season – so that first quality is of top priority. But we also want to make sure our cows can raise their calves in any condition. It’s also important to us that our cows can easily be handled on foot or on horseback – especially with our little helpers.

Our bulls are backed by an unconditional first season breeding guarantee. Bulls will be tested and measured in April. We keep and deliver bulls at no additional charge.

Have any questions? Call Lance at 605-985-5541 or 605-515-1031. Or stop by the ranch any time to take a look at the bulls and our cow herd.